Debbie Douglas.png

Debbie Douglas

Chief Financial Officer
YMSL National Board

Debbie has been with Young Men Service League for over 10 years, starting off with the Silverstar Chapter in Plano, TX. Debbie has served in many roles: Treasurer, President, and VP Website.

Debbie first got involved with YMSL because she had heard about the organization through a friend and it sounded like a great way to spend some time with her sons while teaching them about giving back to the community in which they live.

She now serves on the YMSL National Board because she enjoys working with people. She likes getting to talk to women from the various cities and states, and is passionate about supporting the financial and compliance issues for non-profit organizations such as YMSL.

Debbie is originally from Johnstown, Pennsylvania and now lives in Florida. She and he husband have 2 boys. A retired marketing and communications executive for the financial services industry, Debbie now enjoys more time for travel, reading and YMSL.