Instilling a Heart of Service in our Sons

Young Men’s Service League creates opportunities for moms to make a lasting impact on the world by inspiring their sons to serve and lead compassionately. Mothers and their high school sons participate in a comprehensive four-year program dedicated to service, learning and leadership.

Time passes quickly during the four important transitional years of high school. They go from being boys to men right before our eyes. During this time, YMSL provides opportunities spend to quality time together serving side by side. Our sons will not only learn about other’s needs, they will learn about their own character and a gain a new respect for the mother/son relationship.

Our Promise

YMSL will provide opportunities for you and your son to volunteer together, fostering a heart of service and making a positive impact on your community. You will make lasting memories and you will watch your son gain confidence and learn to serve and lead with compassion.

 Serving the Community

20-Hours of Service a Year

The foundation of the Young Men’s Service League program are the community service hours served together by our mothers & sons. Each year our members are required to serve at least 20 hours in support of chapter approved philanthropies in their area. YMSL works with over 1,000 local and national philanthropies including Special Olympics, Habitat for Humanity, Meals on Wheels, Wreaths Across America, Miracle League, The Salvation Army, Ronald McDonald House, and many many more.

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 Learning Life Lessons

Experiences to Broaden his Understanding of the World

Not every important lesson is learned in the classroom. Getting out into the community in order to serve and to learn from others offers a wealth of knowledge. YMSL’s service opportunities and structured programming help broaden our young men’s understanding of the world. In addition, a four-year educational curriculum incorporates important life skills lessons in areas such as social skills (college planning, job interviewing, public speaking), making good choices (money management, alcohol/drug prevention, nutrition), and practical skills (CPR, car maintenance, first aid.)

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Developing Leadership Skills

Monthly Meetings to Learn & Lead

Monthly meetings bring together grade-level young men to develop leadership skills and to learn from outside expert speakers. The young men are in charge of running their meetings and take turns presenting to the group on a various subjects. Moms hold separate moms meetings that cover topics specific for them. Both moms and young men are required to serve in a job or leadership position within YMSL. In the spring, every YMSL chapter hosts an awards banquet to recognize and celebrate the achievements and growth of our young men and the impact of our organization on the community.


Ultimate Gift Project

making a transformational Impact

In 2010, YMSL National kicked-off an annual philanthropy event called the “Ultimate Gift” project for local chapters. The goal is for each YMSL chapter to find a way to give an "Ultimate Gift" back to their community. Each YMSL chapter works with one philanthropy, on one project, over one day, that has the potential to make a transformational difference in their community. During the “Ultimate Gift” project, all members of the chapter are invited to participate together.

The idea for the “Ultimate Gift” project began as a spin-off from the novel of the same name written by Jim Stovall. In the book, a wealthy grandfather dies and his grandson anticipates a big inheritance. Instead, his grandfather has devised a crash course on life with twelve tasks – or “gifts” – designed to challenge him and to send him on a journey of self-discovery. The boy grows a heart for serving others and his life is forever changed. The message of the Ultimate Gift has prompted others to give more, connect more and help more, including all of us at YMSL. 

Some past YMSL Ultimate Gift projects have included the construction of playgrounds; makeover of apartments; painting of shelters/facilities; exterior painting of homes; and landscape cleanup etc.

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“Serving together with my son with YMSL was a great way to spend quality time together and also to demonstrate and learn how time, passion and expertise are tremendous levers in giving back to our community.”

Dionn, YMSL Austin Viper Chapter
Austin, Texas

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“YMSL has been an amazing experience! Not only did we get to meet incredible people, but it also allowed us to learn what it takes to be a great leader in a variety of situations.”

Cyndie, YMSL Fort Collins Chapter
Fort Collins, Colorado

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“I’ve loved building an even stronger relationship with my son, showing him the importance of giving back to our community and seeing him discover the causes for which he has the most passion. ”

Misty, YMSL Ozark Chapter
Ozark, Arkansas